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Netteller Information

Tri-CountyBank Netteller FACTS:

**Password: must be greater than 8 characters and less than 25.

(AlphaNumeric = must contain one number and one letter)

**Previous 4 passwords are retained and not allowed to be used.

**Passwords expire every 60 days…..notified about expiration 14 days prior… notified every 46 days but only forced to change every 60 days.

**SELF PASSWORD RESET** We now have a new way to reset your own password.  When you have logged into your account, select the Options Tab at the end of the tabs at the top.  Please VERIFY the correct email address! Then create a question and response of your own to allow you to reset the password to the last 4 digits of your social security number.  The answer is not case sensitive. So as long as it's the right answer it can have any parts CapItAliZed.  (See Picture Below)

:::::Example Picture:::::

After you have completed the setup and you visit our Netteller login webpage.  You will have to enter your Netteller ID and go to the next screen.  Then you should see the reset option available to the right of the password box.  Click “reset password” and a new screen will be brought up to verify the correct ID and email address on file.  Enter any email subject that you wish and select submit.  You should then receive an email stating that you have requested to reset your own password. (See Pictures Below)

:::::Example Picture:::::


Next page will be:

:::::Example Picture::::: 

After Submit:

Please verify the correct date/time, subject, and the fact you did request this reset email.

The email will say “to confirm this request, click here.”  Then you should be taken to a webpage with Netteller ID and your question. (See Picture Below) 

:::::Example Picture:::::

After you answer the question correctly the password will be reset to the last 4 digits of your social security number. 

(Remember when you reset your password….the current or ORIGINAL password is going to become the 4 digits)

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